The Word Became Flesh

Imagine living in a world without communication of any kind. No words to write or speak. No meaningful gestures or facial expressions to communicate thoughts from one person to another. Would you genuinely be able to know anyone with no way for them to communicate their thoughts, feelings, ideals and values to you in aContinue reading “The Word Became Flesh”

Representative Union

The United States of America was established to be a representative republic rather than a democracy. In a representative republic, the citizens vote to elect representatives to govern on their behalf. The representative then acts on behalf of everyone in their congressional district. It is as if each citizen is also there. Every “yes” voteContinue reading “Representative Union”

Hello, My Name is Darkness

Societal changes generally happen over the course of long periods of time and move very slowly. The reason for these slow and methodical movements is because big movements are too shocking and repulsive to the culture. The trip to Crazytown can’t be a short one or it would appear too different from what we’ve grownContinue reading “Hello, My Name is Darkness”